Herbal Baths

( An herbal bath being prepared under the patronage of Grand Bwa )

All herbal baths are made and blessed by myself and with the help of the spirits.  Each bath comes with 1 candle and 1 printed page of instructions!  The picture above is only an example of many baths I do make.  You name it I will make it for you.  I use the finest herbs I can find ( and afford ).  These baths smells great and are so amazing to take!  
$15.00 each bath

Here is a very simple yet effective technique for a spiritual cleansing.  After you have showered take hand fulls of salt and scrub your body from head to toe, in a downward motion ( only downward )  This will clean off all negativity from you.  Make sure you rinse well or you will ITCH! :-)

Ancestor Bath
This bath is intended to connect you with your Ancestors, clean yourself of any negative, psychic junk, relieves depression, improves psychic abilities.  

Erzulie Dantor Bath

This bath is made under the patronage of Erzulie Dantor.  A very invigorating bath!  Dantor confers money, protection to her servitors, and magical abilities! 

Grand Bwa Bath

This bath has Grand Bwa's sacred herbs from Haiti.  Grand Bwa revitalizes you, brings in that " fresh air ", he confers health, wealth, vigor, stability!  He is also a very powerful magician!  Wonderful bath!  One of my favorites!