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Tuesday Night, La Santisima Muerte 


Every Tuesday night ( God willing ) I will be 

holding ceremonies for La Santisima Muerte.  

You are more than welcome to join in with me!  

I will light candles, make food offerings and 

petitions on your behalf!  The first ceremony 

was fantastic!  You can make a small donation 

if you like ( to help cover the cost of candles, 

food offerings, flowers, drink offerings.  This is 

not a must tho.  If you'd like to do so, just click 

on the " La Santisima Muerte " link and click " 

donate " .  Hope to see you join in!



Greetings!  In the name of God, the Ancestors and the Lwa!

First I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is "Dctr. House" ( yes a twisted version of Dr. House from the hit T.V series :-) ).  Here you will find all kinds of things to suite your magickal needs.  I do tarot readings, gris gris bags, amuletos, trabajos, petitions and candle lightings.  Each item you are going to encounter on this page is handcrafted with the finest materials, blessed and empowered by God and Spirit and myself to assist you in reaching your goal.  

So, you're asking why this shop and not the next one or " that other one ".  Well, I will give you two reasons on why I think my just may have what you're looking for.

1.  I take the PERSONAL time to really understand my clients and act as a spiritual guide in obtaining your goal ( whatever it may be )

2.  Once you work is done, you are far from " forgotten".  I will check up consistently to over see the progress of the work and to also help answer any questions and further give spiritual advice to the client.  I'm honest, very blunt and all my workings and handmade items are taken care of.

I am a practitioner of Orthodox Haitian Vodou, rootwork, conjure, hoodoo, La Santisima Muerte and a practicing brujo.  My journey began oddly enough when I was 10 years of age, with a deck of tarot cards for Christmas.  The journey only got better from there.  So, I am pretty sure of what I have to offer as in terms of spiritual work and 15 years of study and practice built up.  NOTE:  I do not claim these workings or items will work 100%.  I am not God, only God can guarantee that.  I am only here to help give things a push.  I will say I have many happy clients.

The things sold  here are for entertainment purposes only.  If you are sick and seeking magickal work done, see a Doctor first and then check on spiritual work after that.  I am not initiated into any tradition.  One day I do plan to Kanzo with my Spiritual Teacher * Honor to him * but not until spirit is ready for me.  I just have a strong foundation, is all.

I draw from quite a few traditions but my actual faith is Catholicism and Orthodox Haitian Vodou.  I have had so many years of working with many wonderful teachers.  I would like to take a second to Thank my Spiritual Teacher, Houngan Micheal.  For all that he has taught  me throughout the years.  This page is still under construction and more and more will be added daily!  So keep checking back!  


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  what_a_beautiful_mistake@yahoo.com

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Bois Caiman Ceremony ( Setting of the Haitian Revaluation ) 

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