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Centre yourself as you enter this space...

Welcome to our exploration of spirituality in educational technology!  

Spirituality is very personal; some may enter this module with trepidation.  The intention of this module is to explore the relationship between technology (arguably impersonal) and spirituality (quite personal).  We invite you to reflect and begin to define your beliefs as you explore this module at your own pace as you reconcile these two complex issues.  Consider for yourself:

        • What are my beliefs in regards to spirituality?
        • How have these beliefs been shaped?
        • How would I like to shape them further?
        • When considered through a lens of technology, how do my beliefs look different?

Introductory Activity:  We'd like to invite you to write a brief reflection on what you believe in.  Spirituality is a word that means many things to many people.  You may not be religious, but everyone believes in something!  Even if it's just the power of one's self.  Take a moment to share your own definition of spirituality in your life.  Please post your response in Vista in the appropriate discussion thread (if you wish to express this in an alternative format, consider some of the tools found on this site). Feel free to comment on other's beliefs and challenge one another to refine how you communicate your beliefs, of course being respectful of the beliefs themselves.

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This icon indicates a discussion point.  Refer to the discussion thread on Vista to post your comments.  Look for the icon in each of our pages as you work through this site.