"I can only say: I'm sorry, America. As a former Federal Reserve official, I was responsible for executing the centerpiece program of the Fed's first plunge into the bond-buying experiment known as quantitative easing. The central bank continues to spin QE as a tool for helping Main Street. But I've come to recognize the program for what it really is: the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time."

Measuring GDP using the Income Approach and the Expenditure Approach

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Western World State Spending Unsustainable

Fact Of The Day: Bolivia has 50 % Of The Worlds Lithium Reserves. Lithium Is The Lightest Metal Known & Is Used In Electronics Batteries (Mobile Phones/Laptaps) - Holding More Power Per Gram.

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Thailand Is One Of The Best Countries To Run Business For Next 6-8 Years Before Pulling Out

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Trillions of dollars worth of oil found in Australian outback:

Q. Which High Street / 'Brick & Mortar' Industry Is The Internet Going To Slaughter Next?
A. Did You Know That More & More Businesses, Homeowners & Credit Card Users Are Borrowing Money Off Online Money Lending Sources?

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Q. I am retired and want to go and live in the sun. However, I do not have much money. I would like to return to
the UK from time to time. Where should I go?  
A. Cyprus or Malta. (Author concerned about property market & laws esp. Spain, & overall situation (Greece). Hospitals are in desperate situations)
Q. I am retired and want to go and live in the sun and I have plenty of money. I would like to return to the UK from time to time. Where should I go?
A. Barbados or St Lucia. (Surprisingly cheap flights)
Q. What is the best retirement Island(s) for those who don't mind the airfares/length of journey?
A. The Bahamas (Family Islands). (Hard to get to from Europe but lovely & quiet)

This website tries to provide the underlying fundamental causes for the economic & humanitarian trends in the modern world (whilst trying not to take a partisan view that may distort the facts)
  • Investment
  • Demographics
  • Travel 
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Migration
  • Politics
It is said that "The News moves the Markets", and while there is some truth in this saying, the fact is that the modern world is really moved by underlying causes. A comparison is that of the winds cause currents but the moon causes tidal movements. Or the movements of the earth's crust causes mountains to be formed and earthquakes to happen. Just like the modern world's economy is changed by underlying fundamentals such as changing demographics NOT by short-term government policies & fixes. This is the theme of this website and the data contained within the pages of this website contain startling and unexpected conclusions that politically-motivated news sites choose to ignore (or are unaware of). 

The best example of a changing economy is of Brazil, (based on demographics and natural resources), all of which point to Brazil possibly becoming the next America over the next 30 years (whilst China goes into the doldrums). Even though Brazil is showing slow signs of growth at the moment, there is no doubt, based on underlying fundamentals that this country is set to dominate the world in a way that few expect it to do so,.. possibly even surpassing the United States in global power & influence.

Brazil has:
  • A space agency (BSA), 
  • Drills all of its own oil
  • Owns more agricultural land than it actually needs
  • A population of 190 million people & still growing
  • 2500 airports
  • 36 deep water ports
  • Plans to build 70 dams
  • Extensive road network
  • The second largest commercial TV network in the world (Organizações Globo). 
  • A free health service 
  • High literacy standards
  • School teachers are not employed if they have mental illness or physical disabilities (such as blindness or deafness).

Don't Just Sit On A Pile Of Cash Or Gold: 

Invest Your Capital

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The western economies are in terrible trouble. 
Or Are They?

“We used to think you could spend your way out of recession and increase employment by boosting government spendingI tell you, in all candour, that that option no longer exists. And in so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion… by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step…” (Jim Callaghan 1976)

Debt is accumulating fast and is not being paid off. The aging populations of the advanced countries in the world are exacerbating the situation. Only long-term growth can pay down debt. However, governments have given up and decided to print money to make the debt worth less. In other words, if you bought a house now, at a fixed amount and inflation causes house prices to rise, that same house would cost more in the future. At 7% per annum it would take only 10 years for that house price to double. If you paid £100,000 now, then in 10 years it would cost £200,000.

The same is with debt. If you borrow money now with inflation at 7% (for example) it would be half its value in 10 years time.

The same goes for government borrowing. Halve the value of debt by printing money to cause inflation means the value of that debt is halved every 10 years. This is fine if like the UK or US interest rates are zero. However, it makes the cost of living more expensive for everybody, makes wages worth less and in an economic environment where unemployment is high makes life tough for everybody.

Regarding, an aging population..

As people age, they work less, (less taxes) get ill more (higher spending) which is a double whammy for the countries finances.

Optimistic View

1. To see the aging population as a boom industry: More work for carers, more revenue for healthcare companies, more staff needed across the health sector.

2. Thankfully, the poorer parts of the world are getting richer and slowly turning into consumer societies. This is good for demand of commodities (corn, wheat, oil, gas, iron, copper) and manufactured goods. 

China has been a big consumer of raw materials and a big producer. However, China is aging fast and the West is buying less from China. Also, wages are rising in China and making her less competitive and so some companies are moving back to the west.

The Emerging Markets

There are several rising giants in the world: Brazil, India, Indonesia, also the African nations, South-East Asia and Latin America as a whole.

These are the markets of the foreseeable future and the more one knows about them the better prepared one will be.