Call for Submissions

***Include cover letters with all submissions***
***Include a 50 word, 3rd person Bio with each submission***
What we want:
***As of July 2nd, we are currently closed to unsolicited poetry and fiction submissions. We will reopen to submissions again this September. We are still seeking Essays, reviews, and people to interview so please, keep those coming!***
    Payment - At this time we cannot reimburse contributors for their work beyond a publishing credit and exposure. No payment, no contributor's copies.
    Contests are the exception. Winners of contests will receive compensation as outlined in that particular contest.
    Rights - Because we cannot offer payment, we don't think it's fair to ask for anything other than One-Time Non Exclusive Print and Electronic Rights from our contributors. We also ask for reprint rights for up to 2 years after we publish your story/poem/etc, in case we decide to print a "Best Of" collection.
    What We Will Do With Your Work - We will compile your story/poem/etc. into a sexy 5.5 X 8.5 perfect bound digest available for print and as an ebook on
    Disclaimer - At this time, we cannot pay contributors. All of us at The Speculative Edge are writers too, so we know how you feel. This is a new magazine and we are in fact quite poor. We rely on sales to run. Aside from buying issues, the best way to change this is to help promote our magazine. Tell your friends and family about us. If you have a blog, please consider mentioning us. And in turn, we promise to re-evaluate this every few months. If we start making a profit, we will compensate all writers with a token or semi-professional payment.
    Until then, keep in mind that even though we love reprints, other markets are not as open to them. Once a story is published with us - or any other publisher - it reduces the marketability of the story in the future. Please consider this and make sure you are comfortable submitting your story with us rather than a paying market.
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