About Us

The Specultive Edge Mission Statement

    At The Speculative Edge, our mission is - in a word - balance. We want to bring you fiction that is both exciting and enlightening, poetry that is imaginative and accessible, reviews of both big-name and independent books and movies. We'll give you insightful interviews with New York Times bestsellers and lesser-known authors. Above all else, we want to publish work that is both genre and literary.

        Our second goal is to be organic. We want to change and evovle - to adapt over time to better cater our readers. To achieve this, we strive to have an open dialogue. We encourage readers to email us with questions, comments, and suggestions. Through polls, we found out that The Walking Dead is our audience's favorite returning fall show, so we featured an extended preview of the show in September. And in October, we sent out a survey to our newsletter recipients.
    Want to know how it all began? Check out our guest post on Grasping for the Wind as Shane and Danielle discuss starting the magazine.
About the Staff
Editor in Chief:
Shane R Collins - Has published numerous speculative short stories, mostly about space exploration and the apocalypse, and has a handful of unpublished novels. He has worked as an editor for Short Cuts, The Blackstick ReviewStatic Movement, and - most recently - The Stonecoast Review, the brand new MFA run journal out of the Stonecoast program. When he is not busy being a writing/editing extraordinaire, he finds time for fishing, hiking, kayaking, SCUBA diving, target shooting, and generally being a badass. In addition to writing and editing, he also works at the Harpoon brewery where he gets paid to talk about beer all day. Collins is currently an MFA candidate, focusing on Fiction, at the University of Southern Maine.
Poetry Editor:
Chloe Viner - Has published her poetry in a wide array of journals and her chapbook, Naked Under an Umbrella, published by Finishing Line Press, is available on Amazon. She is working on her second collection now which will be a full-length book of poetry, and will soon be looking for publishers. Miss Viner has her BA, her Masters, and her JD. When they invent some new degrees, she'll get those too. She currently works at the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences, rehabilitating injured birds.
Assistant Editor & Marketing Specialist:

Danielle Rose - Is a graduate student by day, an editor by later day, and a writer by night. Currently attending the University of Southern Maine, she plans to graduate in January 2015 with a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, focusing on young adult fantasy. An internationally published author, Danielle has several short stories published, including “Dark Blessings” in the anthology Comes the Night, which was nominated for Best Horror of the Year in 2011. Besides writing, Danielle also works as an editor with Straylight, The Speculative Edge, and Static Movement. Born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, she plans to move south after graduation. When not writing Ellie's and Jessa's adventures, she enjoys traveling, acting, watching entirely too much television, cheering for her favorite football team (Go Packers!), playing with her boys (a dog, Pae, and a cat, Jett), and procrastinating.

Assistant Fiction Editor:

Sarah Flynn - Graduated from Gettysburg College (yes, that Gettysburg) in May 2011 with a B.A. in English with a Writing Concentration. She is working on her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast program. Her main writing influences are Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Joss Whedon and Charlotte Bronte. When she's not writing Young Adult fantasy novels, she enjoys blogging about writing, listening to Florence + the Machine, and watching cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who. She also enjoys traveling (when she can afford it).

Online Marketing Strategist:

Blaise Lucey - Is a writer-marketer guy who works in the illustrious internet marketing industry full-time, while writing on the side. Right now, he's struggling to finish one of many fantasy novels that are surely doomed to decay on his hard drive and always trying to write new short stories. His other new project is to try and help fellow creatives like writers, musicians, and artists establish themselves through blogs, websites, email marketing, and social media so they can better stand out in the swamp of content that is the Internet."

Resident Film Critics:
John Carney - Provocative. Rousing. Concise. Engrossing. These are words that, when spoken with conviction, adequately describe John Carney. A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Studies, John has always enjoyed fervent analysis and open discussion on topics relating to film, television, and the intricacies of life.  John has spent time learning and working behind the scenes on film and television productions, has contributed essays for Inside the Briefcase film blog, and is actively seeking writing opportunities to make use of his silver-tongued voice and pointed thinking. Join him on The Speculative Edge.
Russell Linton - In fourth grade, Russell wrote down the vague goal of becoming a “writer and an artist”. Taking a decidedly non-traditional route, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and went on to a career in Graphic Design, a stint as a stay at home dad, and even spent several years as an investigator. Throughout, he has continued to write collaborative fiction and ghost write for local business blogs and websites. His true passion however is speculative fiction, running the gamut from fantasy to sci-fi and recently the dark paths of psychological horror.
Resident Book Critic:
Trevor Henkel - Is currently a junior at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, majoring in English with a concentration in fiction writing and minoring in History. After graduating, he plans to go to Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI to get an MFA in Creative Writing with a focus in writing Children and YA Lit. During his first and second year at Parkside, Trevor was a writer for the campus newspaper, The Ranger News. While writing many short stories, he's also working on his first novel: book one of a High Fantasy series consisting of six or seven novels. When he's not reading or writing for school, Trevor reads something in the fantasy genre (he's recently been very into post-apocalyptic/dystopian YA lit), working on his own writing, going to movies, playing video games (PS3), and hanging out with friends.
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