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Battle of the Books

By Giavanna Mariani


    This year there were two teams that signed up for Battle of the Books. One team named the Bookies consisted of all eighth graders. The team members were Patrick M., Austin C., Sally W., Trent V., Michael M., and Claire W. The other team was the Pyro B.O.B Squad consisting of Gia M., Luisa T., Katelyn J., and Grace D, they were a team of all seventh graders. Both teams were returning champions and also had a new member. After two written tests at school the Pyro B.O.B Squad moved on to the next competition, which only the top twelve teams in all of Iowa get to move on to. They traveled three hours away to Simpson College. There they took another written test of harder questions. After a short break and tour of the college they placed 4th in that competition, but also in the state of Iowa.

Battle of the Books or B.O.B as it is often called is a competition where a team of four to six people read a list of books that has already been chosen. They have to memorize the authors of each book and details from the book. Then they take a written test on the books. Depending on how well you do on that test tells you what happens next. If you pass it you take another written test. Then if you pass that one you move on to go to Simpson College and face eleven other teams. You take a written test there and if you place 1st or 2nd then you face the 1st or 2nd team, depending on which you are, in an oral battle. From there the winner wins it all. There is Battle of the Books for the elementary school children, but it works differently.