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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children CRITIC’S REVIEW    

By Ransom Riggs


Book Club Participants: Sarah Aikman-8th grade, Ramya Banda-7th grade, Samantha Bladel-7th grade, Courtney Yarde-8th grade, Kaylee Hartz-7th grade, Andrew VanNattan-8th grade, Jacob Scharlau-7th grade, Izzy Horrell-8th grade, Lauren Brewer-8th grade.




Review of Book: This is a book that you have to be able to stick with. It’s adventurous, and it keeps your interest with suspense, mystery, and odd happenings. This book would appeal to anyone who likes a good mystery with more than meets the eye. This book is recommended for someone who would like to step out of their comfort zone and to step into new and unexplored worlds. The story was about a 16 year old boy named Jacob who is wise, funny, and brave who could also be a typical smart-alec teenager. After certain events take place with his grandfather, Jacob sets out to find the truth about his grandfather’s past and stories. Jacob finds an exciting and unexpected journey to a beautiful but peculiar place. He soon finds out there is more than meets the eye.



On a scale from 1-5 stars (5 being the best) I give this book:   5 Stars


Because: The story was original and it kept you guessing throughout the entire book. I highly recommend you reading this book.


Why you should join Mrs. White’s Book Club: Mrs. White finds books you wouldn’t normally pick on your own and introduces you to new genre’s. It’s fun to discuss the story with your peers and helps you better understand the things you missed or didn’t understand. We all felt we could speak our mind and share our ideas! Also the snacks were amazing!