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By Giavanna Mariani


Temple Run 2:


This is a fun game and a better version of Temple Run. In the game you are a character who has taken an idol from a temple and is now being chased. You have to jump over tree roots, gaps, rivers, and other obstacles. Also you duck under obstacles and get to ride in mine cars or zipline to other platforms. Overall it is a fun game that can be played for several minutes or practically an hour. It is a very popular game and something to download and play today!


Smule Magic Piano:


This app is a fun game where you are playing a virtual piano. In the game you choose a song to play and little yellow dots move along your screen and you have to tap them when they hit the beam. You can also listen to the songs before you buy or play them. It doesn't look like a real piano though, so if that’s the kind of app you want this isn't the one. But if you just like music games you will enjoy this app and should download it.


Keep Calm and ______:


This is an app that lets you show off your creativity. It starts with a red screen that says Keep Calm And Carry On, on it and a crown above the words. Then you can change the words, background, and symbol. There are a number of cool backgrounds to pick from and if you have the updated version you can take or use a picture as the background. There are also a bunch of symbols to choose from. Then when you are done, you can save the picture. I think that the app is really cool and lets you express yourself.