Are You Bored?

Hair Styles

By Gia and Grace

Leaving your hair down is a great look. But some days, you want to jazz it up ...right here is the perfect way to do so. You don’t need tons of fancy supplies, time, or hair expertise to give yourself a fresh look. These simple hairdos can be done with the supplies you have laying around in your bathroom, and you’ll still have the time to catch your bus in the morning!

(Good for medium to long hair)
Materials Needed: Bobby-Pins, 2 hair-ties            
1. Make a ponytail with one of the bands
2. Make a braid with a tail that isn’t too short or too long.
3. Hold the top of the braid and curl the rest around, but do not spread it out or it will fall apart and also not too far coming out or it will be to hard to bobby-pin
4. Pin your bun in various places close to the outside of it enough to hold it in place.

*For double buns make two ponytails and do the steps above for each
*Also for some hair types you don’t need bobby-pins

Hair Headband:
(Good for long hair)
Materials: 2 hairbands
bobby pins or clips

1. Make a long braid with a small tail on it.
2. Wrap the braid around the hairline or top of forehead, pinning the braid to your head every few seconds.
3. Clip the tail back to the start of the braid.