Musings of a Mystic Muse

Welcome to my new blog! I'll be adding many of my short fiction stories soon. Please check back later.

For now, here are some classic texts that have given me inspiration. 

Benner - Way out, Brotherhood, Impersonal Life, Way to the Kingdom

Goddard - Law and the Promise

Mares - Return of the Warriors, Cry of the Eagle, Mists of Dragon Lore, Shadows of Wolf Fire

Tarot - Meditations on the Tarot

Ouspensky - In Search of the Miraculous, on the Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution

Upton - Cracks in the Great Wall
Hermes - The Way of Hermes: A new Translation of the Corpus Hermeticum  

Exegesis - In Pursuit of Valis with Philip K Dick

Schroedter - A Rosicrucian Notebook

Aliens - Various Books

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