Ode to a Fraying Shoelace

Ode to a Fraying Shoelace

  By Jane Schiavone 

When things can no longer

Stay together,

They fall apart.

When things fall apart

They get thrown away.

The ghosts

That walked the miles

And made the memories

Are forgotten

And discarded.

At first

It’s barely noticeable.

One miscalculated step

Is all that’s needed

To crack

The plastic skin.

As unnoticeable

As a broken smile.

Before you know it

It’s out of control,

And you search

And seize and grip for

Exactly what’s getting


They’re no longer staying

Strings are fraying,

Matted with

Memories disguised as

The dirt and filth

That turned a pair

Of young shoes


They’re your

Walking shoes.


Dancing shoes.

But tell me

Do you notice

The first fiber

That breaks loose?

The first that leads to

The next

That drags the others


Every time

They come untied

Is a plea

For a check up


They walked the walk,

They created the memories

And nothing is worse

Than being abandoned

For being

Ancient instead of new,


When you’ve

Been there the whole time


You’re no longer needed.