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The Whiskey Ain't Workin'

Adam Powell ~  Lead Vocal,  Acoustic Guitar
Alex Burley ~ Backing Vocals, Piano, Engineering
Hollow-Core Drum & Percussion
Cover Picture ~ Perry Harmon

*** Guest Musicians ***
Spencer Rohlfs ~ Upright Bass
Warren Hall ~ Pedal Steel
John Rice ~ Fiddle
John Powell ~ Banjo
Jeff Spirko ~ Mandolin (Violin on Everyday)

All songs written by Adam Powell
Produced by Adam and Alex
Front photo ~ Alyssa Giese
Recorded at Midimind Studios
Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse
Copyright 2013

Jeff Spirko - Violin

Jill Elliott - Backing Vocals

Adam Powell -  Lead Vocal, 
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass

Benny Montgomery - Drums

Josh Powell - Additional Drums

Alex Burley - Backing Vocals, Piano,
Organ, Synths, Engineering