First of all I would like to thank all of you who have supported Alex, Josh, Gretchen,and me through the last 4 and 1/2 years as the "Sons of Alice". It's been a great ride and we have made so many wonderful friends that go far beyond the scope of music! We love you guys!
It seems all good things must come to an end to make room for new good things...
Anita and I are moving back to Missouri to be near our children and our four grandchildren. We just learned my daughter has one in the oven so that's more exciting news. We sold our house and we are loading the U haul this morning and will be hitting the road on Friday. Change is always difficult. It's hard to leave family and friends behind but we are very excited about this next chapter of our lives. 

Thank you, everyone for all that you have done as fans but more importantly as friends!
You are all awesome people who give us reasons for music and the heart for our families.
We deeply appreciate people
 with hearts like you.
We have enjoyed and will miss performing hit music and the originals for all of you. 
Please grow closer to the ones that you care about...God, friends, and your family.
Please never let go of the inspiration
 that comes from the music and the heart.
Always show support for the next generation and your children in all arts but especially in music.
I am excited about the new love for music in my child's heart.
I look forward to the experience of watching it grow in her life.
                                                                                                           Thank you all,