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Nite Crawlers

Leaf and Red Worms





Tropical Fish

Game Fish

Pan Fish

Artificial Lures

Electronics Screens

Invigor-BaitTM Saves $$$ by Conserving Bait!

 Use Invigor-BaitTM In Your:

Minnow BucketCatch More Fish with Livelier, Stronger Minnows !

Crawler CoolerStronger & Livelier! - better presentation for those fussy fish!

Home Aquarium Healthy, Cleaner Environment -  less maintneance & healthier fish!

Fish CoolerKeep Fish Alive Longer - fresh fish taste better!

Boat Live Well Keep Tournament Fish Healthy - fewer Penalties!

As an Added Bonus:

Invigor-BaitTM will Clean Your Screen! A few drops on a water moistened towel will remove those tough mineral deposits from your GPS - Map - Sounder screen!

Invigor-BaitTM will Clean Your Crank-Baits & Blades! Just soak your baits in 1/4 cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of Minnow Magic for a few minutes - then lightly scrub with an old toothbrush, rinse and polish with a dry towel.

Invigor-BaitTM will Clean Your Polarized glasses while out on the water! A few drops on a water moistened towel will remove those tough mineral deposits from your glasses as well!



A   versatile   multi-purpose   multi-use   adaptable   flexible  fishing product that will

oxygenate   revitalize   stimulate   regenerate   revive   invigorate   rejuvenate

energize   metabolize   and   respirate   your fishing bait!




Invigor-BaitTM Press release below. Please also watch the sample commercials that are planned to air across the USA and Canada on the Sportsman’s Channel, Mid-Continent Cable and WILD TV in Canada.             Invigor-BaitTM will be at work behind the scenes giving professional anglers that extra edge which enables them to “deliver the goods”  on 13 episodes to an average of 1.9 million viewers in the USA per week, and over 500,000 viewers in Canada per week.


Invigor-BaitTM will invigorate the natural metabolism of fishing bait and the fish it catches for you!

 Invigor-BaitTM increases the available energy and consequently the endurance of nearly every form of bait a fisherman uses and the fish he catches!

Invigor-BaitTM has several bonus features for the discriminating fisherman – it will dissolve annoying and difficult to remove mineral spots from your fish locator screen and polarized sunglasses! It will remove that dull scum coating from your favorite spoons and lures!


Serious anglers know that locating fish is only the first step of the successful fisherman’s strategy! Presentation of an attractive bait is crucial when making the difference between an impressive catch of fish and a mediocre catch (or possibly none at all…..!). We've all been there – haven’t we?

Invigor-BaitTM will give you that “extra edge” every fisherman needs in his presentation! Whether it’s providing the liveliest and healthiest live bait presentation possible,….. giving him that quick luster on his favorite jig, spoon, or crank bait that may have gotten tarnished in his lure case, …. or instantly removing that blinding glare from his fish-finder screen or sunglasses - Invigor-BaitTM‘s versatility will supply just what the present circumstance requires at the time it is needed!

Winter or Summer - Invigor-BaitTM is your faithful standby companion! Look for and Scan our QR code in the field with your mobile device to visit our site giving you immediate access to this exciting and detailed information on how to get the most from your “Fisherman’s Friend” –


Invigor-BaitTM is a product designed and tested to enhance aquatic life forms. Use of this product will also prevent organic slime and mineral deposits from accumulating on the surfaces of minnow buckets and aquatic animal tanks as well. Home aquarium enthusiasts will discover that their fish remain healthier longer as well as having to expend less effort in maintaining the cleanliness of their systems!

     During testing it was revealed that, when adding Invigor-BaitTM to minnow bucket water at approximately 1/2 tsp. of Invigor-BaitTM per 2 1/2 gallons of water, minnows became quite energized in their activity, at times attempting to jump out of the bucket when the lid was removed. Treated minnows were kept in a bait refrigerator in an attempt to keep them alive for a few extra days. During the test, our attention had been diverted from monitoring our test results by the onset of archery and gun deer seasons. Consequently, we neglected the refrigerated minnows for approximately 5 to 6 weeks. When we did remember that they were still in the bait refrigerator, we expected to find a putrid mess. Upon removing the lid of the bucket we were pleasantly surprised to discover only a few dead (however well preserved) minnows with the remainder (approximately 4 dozen) in excellent condition! The water had become quite cloudy due to the fact that the  designed clean-up feature of this product was working – the impurities and organic waste had been retained in solution rather than being allowed to accumulate on the sides of the bucket, however this did not appear to affect the health of the minnows.

     Invigor-BaitTM has no negative effects on the receptivity of fish when minnows are used as bait. As a matter of fact, some reports are coming in that users of Invigor-BaitTM have been experiencing some of the best fishing seasons of recent years (We prefer to attribute that to the user's improved fishing expertise rather than to the fish’s response to Invigor-BaitTM!). We make no claims as to whether or not Invigor-BaitTM will actually develop "Attack Minnows" thereby improving the average angler’s fishing success!

     Several anglers were supplied  with a quantity of Invigor-BaitTM to experiment in the field. They all reported similar results when using the product.

     The product is quite effective in dilute concentrations! We recommend using it at rates of approximately 10 ppm solution. The product is non-toxic to humans and animals when used according to recommendations. While being non-toxic, as with any product, the concentrated solution should not be disposed of in lakes or streams. When calculating initial commercial dosages, you may figure approximately 2 Tblsp of Invigor-BaitTM per 100 gallons of water in your tanks as a daily dosage.

Individuals should use approximately 1/2 Tsp. - about one capful -  (from our 4 oz. containers) per minnow bucket, or about one capful periodically in your live-well to keep fish healthy and strong. 

Some anglers prefer carrying and adding a few drops of Green Coloring to their Live-well at the same time that they add   Invigor-BaitTM to better estimate the frequency of replenishing the treatment. We have chosen to maintain the maximum concentration of our product for performance and cost effectiveness for our customers without dilution with Food Coloring.

Note: More is Not Necessarily Better! Invigor-BaitTM is highly concentrated! A little will go a long way!



Bait Dealers

  Invigor-BaitTM is quite stable; however its effective strength is expended by the amount of material it is holding in solution. Its concentration is reduced as your commercial filtering system removes these materials from solution, or as in a bait shop when water is dipped from the tank to fill customer’s minnow buckets and is replaced with fresh water. Invigor-BaitTM should be replenished a teaspoon at a time to maintain its effective strength.

     If your tanks have significant mineral or organic waste accumulations on them, Invigor-BaitTM will be slowly “used up” as it removes these accumulations from your equipment. You may have to use slightly higher dosages of product while Invigor-BaitTM is cleaning up your system. Once your system is clean,  Invigor-BaitTM provides a thin protective film on the surface of your equipment and dosages may be reduced to a maintenance level. That specific level will be determined largely through your experience and observation of your system. We do have instruments which will accurately measure the effective concentration in parts per million of  Invigor-BaitTM in solution. We provide this testing for free if requested and if a sample of solution is provided. (Contact us for details.)

     What results can Bait Dealers expect when using Invigor-BaitTM in your systems?

(1.) You will have a reduction in the quantity of minnow losses; (Some bait shops report up to 50% reduction in losses)

(2.) Your minnows will be livelier and more energetic;

(3.) Your customers will comment on the improved quality of your bait.

    (3a.) You can afford to be more generous with your bait, thus generating loyal return customers.

(4.) Your tank walls and piping systems will begin to be cleaned – (complete cleaning will occur over a period of months);

(5.) The water in your tank may become cloudier (if you do not have a filter or water exchange) as Invigor-BaitTM holds more and more of the organic wastes and inorganic minerals in solution rather than allowing them to accumulate on the surfaces of your system;

(6.) If you have a filter, you may have to operate your filtering system more frequently until your system has been cleaned up after which maintenance of your equipment and system will be reduced and simplified;

(7.) You may have to temporarily increase the concentration of  Invigor-BaitTM while your system is cleaning up;

(8.) If you use a “flow through” system, you may be able to reduce the amount of water to the system, thus saving on water;


Non-Toxic Water Treatment

For Aquatic Animals


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Invigor-BaitTM    - The Science

Invigor-BaitTM Works in Two Specific Ways!

 1. Invigor-BaitTM saves you $$$ as it keeps your bait healthier, stronger, and provides them with longer life! ......and provides YOU with a better fishing experience!    


 2. Invigor-BaitTM keeps your fishing and bait equipment clean and free of slime and dirt!

        Bait and/or Fish immersed in a dilute solution of Invigor-BaitTM (5 to 10 ppm in solution) experience an increased access to the life energy supply molecule  which our Creator has provided for sustaining all forms of life! (Each Invigor-BaitTM molecule also carries approximately 167 atoms or molecules of oxygen which may also contribute to the natural oxygen intake processes.) This of course affects the durability and performance of your live bait, and in the case of tournament fish, it improves their chances of survival in an adverse livewell environment, as well as healing and recovery from injuries and exhaustion experienced during transportation and/or fighting against the hook and line.

                 Invigor-BaitTM molecules exercise a strong attracting influence upon dissolved mineral particles that eventually leave a dirty film on the surfaces they contact. This attractive force is powerful enough to hold mineral particles in solution, rather than allowing them to deposit themselves elsewhere. In addition, this attracting influence of Invigor-BaitTM is sufficient to lift already deposited mineral particles from the surfaces which they had fouled, thus providing a constant cleaning action upon these surfaces. 


                 Invigor-BaitTM, when used in systems under recommended dilution quantities, provides a gentle but constant action upon the aquatic life immersed in it, as well as upon the various parts of systems used to contain or transport them. If the animals (fish in a tournament situation, for instance) are going to experience only a short duration in the solution, it may be advisable to increase the dilution rates by up to 10 times (50 to 100 ppm) to give them the maximum benefit of the Invigor-BaitTM treatment prior to release. (When disposing of the solution following its intended use, it is recommended that you dilute the solution to approximately 10 ppm strength.) Increased concentrations will not cause any harm to aquatic life. Invigor-BaitTM is composed of non-toxic, NSF 60 certified chemicals and will not harm humans or animals in any way when used as directed. The increased cost of treatment may be the only limiting factor of the strength of solution you may wish to utilize for your specific application.


                                            Night Crawlers Stored in Refrigerator for 22 Months


                For Commercial Bait Dealers, when using Invigor-BaitTM in a “flow through “ type of system, you may experimentally  reduce the amount of flow to your system giving consideration to the increased access of the aquatic life’s energy source while being treated. This of course will result in lower cost in water charges and improved water conservation practices. Additional alternatives which would enhance the Invigor-BaitTM treatment for minnows would be: Add a recirculating filter system to your tanks; and/or incorporate a small refrigerated water chiller to maintain stable water temperatures. These alternative suggestions would apply whether your tanks are used in bait shops or as tournament bump tanks. If you do have a recirculating filter system, Invigor-BaitTM will obtain peak performance from your equipment and reduce your maintenance labor as well as costs.

Bonus Benefits!

Fish Locator screens get fouled with mineral deposits. When the prescribed Rubbing Alcohol & Water solution will no longer remove the accumulated minerals from the screen, just mix a few drops of 
Invigor-BaitTM with water and gently saturate and remove minerals  - like magic! Finish with prescribed alcohol solution.

Crank Baits & Blades
which lose their luster due to those same mineral accumulations will clean up just as easily! Mix 1/4 cup of water with a teaspoon of 
Invigor-BaitTM. Soak baits for a few minutes. Then scrub with an old toothbrush. Rinse and polish with a dry towel. They should sparkle like new!

Invigor-BaitTM will allow you to keep Night Crawlers and Red Worms for well over a year in a refrigerated 40 to 45 degree temperature! Not only will they keep well, they will also continue to grow in strength as well as size.

(Beware! Some fishermen have complained of night crawler bites on their fingers as the crawlers fought against being removed from their Invigor-BaitTM   bedding....)!    :-)

The process which works best for bedding crawlers is as follows:

Fill a 5 gallon bucket one-third to one-half full of fresh, clean water. Add one tablespoon of Invigor-BaitTM  Place about a 3 or 4 inch thick stack of newspapers into the solution. (Use only the black print on white paper as much as possible.) Allow paper to thoroughly soak for 30 minutes. Take a 1/2 inch stack of paper out of the solution, wring out excess water, then tear the stack of paper into 1 inch squares. Repeat the process until you have sufficient bedding for your container. Gently compact the shredded paper in your night crawler container. Add your night crawlers. Place a saturated 1/2 inch thick stack of paper on top of the bedding in the container. Sprinkle worm food on top of top layer of paper periodically as it is consumed by the Night crawlers. You will notice that they will be consuming the Invigor-BaitTM placed paper as well. Check them periodically for any injured crawlers and remove them to prevent any spread of infection to your healthy crawlers. You will find that Invigor-BaitTM  Crawlers are not only great looking to fish, but eliminate the mess normally experienced when using regular dirt bedded worms in the boat!

Invigor-BaitTM is effective for all forms of life! Whether applying Minnow Magic to Night Crawlers, Minnows, Leeches, Leaf Worms, Helgramites, or Crickets you will find that it has the same beneficial effects for each one of them!

Invigor-BaitTM will increase their energy levels, increase their longevity, and increase their growth rate! When applied to your live well it will increase the recovery rate of your catch, allowing greater catch and release success as well as reduced tournament penalties if you are into competitive fishing!

Invigor-BaitTM is not a substitute for keeping your bait cool! (Remember! Heat Kills! .....Even when using Invigor-BaitTM ! ) ........ nor will it duplicate the "Resurrection Miracle of Christ - as in raising bait from the dead! Healthy Fatheads (for example) have a lifespan of about 14 months in their natural environment.

               Bait Dealers: Adding a few drops of Invigor-BaitTM to your leech and helgramite containers will both increase your sales and reduce your losses, thereby increasing your over all profits.

                Mixing a dilute solution of Invigor-BaitTM with water and then spraying a mist into Night Crawlers and Worm containers will bring similar results.


                    Liquid Invigor-BaitTM does not have a beneficial effect upon wax worms or spikes.

                Invigor-BaitTM is available in 4oz. containers for retail sales as well as in Gallon containers for wholesale application.

If you are dis-satisfied with the performance   Invigor-BaitTM, for a full refund - return your empty container with proof of purchase to:

SONCO Incorporated
N3690 Red Oak Dr.
Campbellsport, Wi. 53010

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