Ricky's Shed, September 2018

Post date: Nov 20, 2018 8:26:29 PM

Five years ago, in September of 2013, we welcomed our first artist in residence - Rafael Perez from NYC - to Sointula. To celebrate our five year residency anniversary, we've put up a show called Ricky's Shed in our Window Gallery, with photos from 41 of the 60+ artists we've hosted over the past five years.

Ricky's Shed is a part of our view we have come to treasure, and since our first artist in residence, we've noticed that many of the artists who stay with us appreciate it also. Sometimes it inadvertently ends up in their photos of sunsets, and other times it is photographed intentionally as a unique and interesting part of this particular landscape, and our view.

Please stop by to see this show sometime this month - and if any locals have further information or even photographs they would like to share, we would be very happy to organize another iteration of this show featuring more local knowledge, so please get in touch.

With thanks to Sue Ness for information she provided on the history of the former White Hall, then a butcher shop, and now Ricky's Shed, and with big thanks to Ricky for always being such a good sport