The Society for Garden Archaeology

The Society for Garden Archaeology was founded to advance knowledge and understanding of the archaeology of gardens worldwide. This international project gathers knowledge of archaeological investigations of gardens and landscape architecture of all periods and disseminates the findings to three primary constituencies 1) scholars, 2) professionals, and 3) the interested public. First conceived in 2003 at Dumbarton Oaks, the Society of Garden Archaeology became incorporated as an independent, 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization in New York State by some of its founding members in November 2008.  The Society serves a range of disciplines (including art and architectural history, archaeology, landscape architecture, geography, historic preservation and cultural resource planning), and the interested general public by:


  •  Fostering scholarship and research about garden archaeology and sponsoring the dissemination of scholarly research
  • Sponsoring forums for the presentation of scholarly research and exchange of ideas through its annual scholarly meetings and occasional symposia
  •  Providing a website with links to publications that disseminate scholarly work, professional information, and general information related to the field and of interest to the public (under construction)
  • Organizing a team of specialists that can respond quickly to sites in need of experts in garden archaeology
  • Training workshops for archaeologists that wish to develop their expertise specifically in garden archaeology
  • Supporting the preservation and interpretation of historic gardens and their cultural heritage.