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2017 Conference


Ecumenical Perspectives

How a better understanding of what took place 500 years ago in Wittenberg, can draw people and churches closer together. This conference looks from a range of denominational perspectives at key issues of Reformation in order to engage from a different angle in a fruitful area of ecumenical discussion. This conference is organised in association with Council of Lutheran Churches, UK.

To be held at

St Edmund Hall

Queen’s Lane




    Key Speakers:


  prof. andrew louth

  prof. john milbank


    17 June 2017, Saturday




·      Arrival and registration from 10 am

·      Welcome and Introduction

·        Prof. Dr. Henrike Lähnemann  ‘Singing the Reformation. A Historical and Practical Introduction

·      Q&A session

·      Lunch break 12:15 - 13:00

·      Prof. John Milbank 'Was the Reformation the cause or a symptom of Christian decline in the West?'

·      Q&A session

·      Prof. Andrew Louth – Does the Orthodox Church need a reformation?

·      Plenary discussion  

·      Conclusion

·      Closing prayer in the college chapel at 16:30


 John Milbank is Emeritus Reserach Professor of Religion, Politics and Ethics of the University of Nottingham. He previously taught at the universities of  Lancaster, Cambridge and Virginia. His most well-known book is Theology and Social Theory and most recent (with Adrian Pabst) The Politics of Virtue.

 Henrike Lähnemann holds the Chair in Medieval German Literature and Linguistics at the University of Oxford and is a Fellow of St Edmund Hall. She  coordinates several Reformation related projects in Oxford, concentrating on the impact the Reformation had through singing and printing.

 Andrew Louth, Professor Emeritus of Durham University, UK, and Honorary Fellow, Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; archpriest of the  Russian Orthodox Church, belonging to the Diocese of Sourozh (Moscow Patriarchate), serving the parish in Durham.  Patristics scholar, with interests in  philosophy, history, and Orthodox theology.  Some recent books: Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition (ed. 2, 2006), Greek East and Latin West: the  Church ad 681–1071 (2007), Modern Orthodox Thinkers: from the Philokalia to the present (2015).