Who we are

Welcome to the The Socialist Network!
The last quarter of the 20th Century saw the collapse of both Stalinism and Reformism. Since then the Great Economic Recession of 2008 has caused a deep crisis in capitalism. One would expect that all these developments would have greatly boosted the Left and the labour movement. Yet the opposite has happened – they have continued to weaken and divide. In our new Network we believe that the main reason for this is the absence of any worked out and viable alternative to capitalism. And it is our highest priority to produce such an alternative in a democratic and open manner.

Of course, producing a viable alternative is only half of the problem. We then have to have a clear idea of how to achieve it. Here too the existing socialist movement lacks an effective strategy and is failing to interact effectively with the mass of the population. To address this our new Network is discussing how to relate to the existing mass organisations of working people and how to express a socialist alternative in terms that can appeal to society as a whole.

We invite you to join with us in this work.

How we are organised
The Socialist Network is organised as a network so that every individual member and group who participates retains their autonomy. Our purpose is not to be a substitute to the labour movement. On the contrary, we strive to unify it, learn from it, and contribute to it.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee of The Socialist Network consists of office bearers elected at a conference and representatives selected by the groups. At the Istanbul conference in August 2012, the following Coordinating Committee was constituted.

Office bearers

Coordinator   - Jonathan Clyne

Treasurer - Pat Byrne

Editor - Boyan Stanislavski


Revolutionary Struggle (Pakistan)

Chaudry Manzoor Ahmed

Kabir Khan

Socialist Expression (Cyprus)


Dinos Charalambides

Socialisten (Sweden)

Martin Lööf