Meet the Slippermen

Jim Hughston
Favourite Colour: Turquoise
Influences: Bowie, U2, Leonard Cohen
Least likely to be seen: standing up.

Gareth Williams
Favourite Colour: Aquarius
Interests: Farming and PV Panels
Most likely to say: "what key's this in?"
Influences: Red Wine
Favourite Music: Genesis, U2, Jack Johnson, Laurie Anderson

Laurence Hughston
Favourite Food: Thai Curry
Status: Married with lots of boys
Hobbies: Film, Theatre, Wine, Food.
Favourite Music: Bowie, Talking Heads, U2, Kings of Leon, The The, Coldplay

Brian Powell
Daddy of the Band
Influences: 60's & 70's Rock
Favourite Bands: Dire Straits, Bon Jovie
Hobbies: Music & Golf