The Sleepless Parent

Being a parent is one of the most wonderful, amazing, frustrating, and anxiety-producing roles a person can take on. 

There are moments when every parent wonders what he's got himself into... 

and other moments when every parent worries that soon she won't be the center of her child's world any more...

Knowing that every parent experiences so many different feelings is helpful. It's good to know we're not alone. 

But knowing more about our children - about their development, their learning, and their behavior - is even better. That's why The Sleepless Parent is here.

On these pages, you'll find free downloads, online courses, and books and materials to help you along the way. Parenting is a life-long role. 

Our need for information and inspiration continues long after our kids leave home... and begins even before our babies arrive.

What keeps you up at night? See if we've already found the answers you seek, right here.