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  • Length - 230 mm
  • Wing Diameter (OD) -  127 mm
  • Net Weight -  40g
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Design Description

This model was inspired by an article on about a model of so called coleopter.  

Note scale to print: 0.748

To test stability of such airframe we built a simple paper and balsa model:

The article mentions 5% of the duct horde CG location that is for a stable boost. Experimenting with our model we found that about 20...22 % CG location allows stable glide. However, the target wing loading was not achieved in the final design. Thus the model is balanced to CG at approximation the wing leading edge.   

The following diagram illustrates the model arrangement. 

Note the diagram reflects incorrectly the nose cone proportion and details of its structure. 

YouTube Video

Launch Log

 Date Motor Ejection Altitude
 WindNotes/ Event
12/05/2013A3-4Ton the ground5...6 m/sStable accent. The delay is too long. Ejected on the ground. 
No damage thanks to the soft grass.

No damage to the augmentor tube.