Welcome to the Skirt Network...funny ladies.

Social network for funny ladies of any humorous persuasion – performers, writers, producers, directors.

Listen we know that not every funny woman wears skirts, we get that, so you can stop with your whole pants are the best rhetoric – we’re not here to debate whether pants or skirts are better, because that’s the sort of argument that needs to take place in a well structured and supervised environment, and at the moment The Skirt Network does not have the resources to facilitate such a discussion, so lets just end it there and agree to disagree – skirts rule!

The Skirt Network is the brainchild of Celia Pacquola (Stand Up comic) and Louise Sanz (producer). The aim is to develop a social network for female stand ups, writers, sketch performers, musicians, producers and directors involved in the Melbourne Comedy scene, or perhaps wanting to get involved.

Regular updates about new rooms opening, contacts and gigs, funding initiatives and funny stuff in general will be available to members via the group’s page. How exciting!
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