The Skillful Trainer

You're an expert. 

You know a lot of things that others need to know.

How do you share your expertise in ways that will be welcomed - even sought after - by others?

The Skillful Trainer will 
show you how. 

Launch your new training career.
Energize your existing training practice.

Make a difference by sharing what you know.

Find out how to create a training business, how to make money at it, and how to be so effective in your training that you build a loyal following.

Get the guidance you need from experienced and successful trainers.
Right here.

Get what you need when and how you need it

We offer
 online training that is completely self-paced. Start when you like and take up to a year to finish. Most of our online courses are delivered as videos, making the experience as easy as watching TV.

We also offer webinar-based training you can attend by computer or telephone. These live sessions are scheduled at convenient days and times. Check our EVENTS listing for details.

In addition, almost all of our courses are available as audio CDs or mp3 files, so you can listen on the go or without an Internet connection.

And we also offer on-site training at various locations in the Seattle area and around the country. 

Earn professional development hours

Trainers need professional development hours and The Skillful Trainer courses deliver the content and verification you need. Fulfill your annual hours requirements for Washington STARS, Illinois Gateways, and other training systems in our lively, informative courses. 

We are an an approved training organization in Washington, Oregon, and Illinois. Our courses are accepted in every state. Certificates of Completion are sent to you when you finish a course.

Become a Certified Trainer of Early Childhood Educators

Your CTECE certificate identifies you as a top-notch trainer who delivers high quality content with clarity, verve, and respect. Earn your CTECE with our certification program. Find out more now.

We're glad you're here... because the world needs trainers like you!

You and Dr. Anderson are partners in a noble effort: to improve the lives of children and families by enhancing early education and care. What could be more important? What else could you do that would have such a positive impact?

Your success is important to us, because your success leads to the success of everyone. 
We're here to help you, every step of the way.

What needs doing? How can you help?

Start today!