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Find wonderful training that will really let you think about your practice and the families you serve... without leaving your own computer or other device.

Most of our training sessions are presented as PowerPoint slides with voice-over from Dr. Anderson (video courses). If you are able to watch videos on your computer or phone, you can do this!  Other courses are presented as a series of activities (web-based courses). These get you really involved in ideas and are fun to do. 

Either way, you'll love Dr. Anderson's warm, engaging manner and the clear, interesting information she shares, information you can apply right away to your everyday work. 

Our courses earn professional development credit, of course, and include a certificate of completion. The Skillful Teacher is an approved training organization in Washington and Illinois. Our courses are accepted in every state.

Not sure if an online course will work for you?  Take one of our free courses!

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Find courses you want by looking at what's offered in each of the content areas above. Enroll by clicking on the icon at the end of a course description, which brings up the enrollment screen.

When you enroll, you'll be emailed a thank you message that includes a link to the course. You'll be able to click on that link and begin the course immediately, or wait and go to the course when you have time. You have as much time as you need to complete your course.

At the end of each course, you'll be directed to email us a reflection or specified assignments. We want to know what you learned, of course! It's just that easy and that convenient. Finally, you can take top-quality courses on your own schedule!

Thanks for being part of this. We share your love of children and we understand the importance of the work you do. 

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Before you enroll in an online course, you might wonder if you'll enjoy this or be successful. Find out by taking this free test drive that lets you experience an online course and also tells you what to look for - and what to look out for - when selecting an online course. Feel more confident as you enter the world of online learning.

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