The Skillful Teacher

You're busy. 

You don't have much time.

But there are things you'd like to know more about, things you could apply right away to your work with children and families. 

You're a dedicated professional and a busy one. 

The Skillful Teacher is designed just for you. 

The Skillful Teacher is intended for teachers and caregivers of young children from birth through third grade ...and for administrators, owners and directors of childcare centers, preschools and family childcare homes. 

The Skillful Teacher offers courses that address the challenges you face each day. And it does so in ways that are enlightening, convenient, and affordable.
Get the help you need to build your career, support your family, and nurture the children in your care. Right here.

Choose your format

We know that different formats suit different learners. You can fit your preferred learning experience to our courses, so there's always a good match.
  • We offer online training that is completely self-paced. Start when you like and take pretty much however long it takes you to finish. Most of our online courses are delivered as videos, making the experience as easy as watching TV.
  • We also offer webinar-based training you can attend by computer or telephone. These live sessions are scheduled at convenient days and times.
  • And we also offer on-site training at various locations in the Seattle area and around the country. 
Every training we offer reflects Dr. Anderson's commitment to your success: 
  • Each training is presented in ways that respect your own knowledge and experience. 
  • Each training strives to be interesting and tickle your curiosity. 
  • Each training is guaranteed to provide you with up-to-date information you can put into use right away.

Earn the hours you need, when you need them

Dr. Anderson is an approved trainer in Washington State, Oregon, and Illinois, and The Skillful Teacher is an approved training organization in Oregon and Washington. Registries in other states accept our courses too!

Best of all, you can earn your hours right from your own computer or other device, at the times that fit your schedule best, and in the topics you really are interested in learning.

We've got your best interests at heart! We're here to help you solve problems and become the very best you can be.

We're glad you're here... we think you will be too!

We understand exactly what you need to be successful and she understands the barriers that sometimes get in your way. Rest assured: Even if you've never taken an online course or webinar before, you will be successful here. 

We want you to do well and to learn what you want to know. 

You have our guarantee: we will help you - personally - every step of the way.