Get even more for participating in our courses just by registering for Skillful Rewards. It's easy and it's free.

Here’s how Skillful Rewards works. You earn points by taking our courses, liking our Facebook page, sharing our Facebook posts, commenting on our blog, and referring other professionals to our courses. We keep track of your points and give you discounts along the way to making achieving points quicker.

As you collect points, you move up to bigger and better perks. There are three reward levels.


When you register for Skillful Rewards you'll gain access to a free one-hour course, 15 Things Great Teachers Know. This is a course you can't get anywhere else - it's only for our new members. 

The course earns 500 Skillful Rewards points, so you'll be on your way, right away.

And, oh, yes ... we'll give you 1,000 points, just for registering. 

Becoming a member in Skillful Rewards is completely free. So register now!

It takes just 5,000 points to get to the Blue Level. How do you get here? 

First, you start with 1,500 points from the Entry Level, right? 

You then add to that by taking courses online from our class list or by attending a reward-eligible in-person training. Each 2-hour course is worth 1,000 points and longer courses earn even more points. 

You earn points also by doing no-cost things you're probably already doing, like sharing our Facebook posts and commenting on our blog.  And, you can earn points by referring someone else to our courses (and letting us know to watch for them!).

If you complete our Child Care Basics course, you're automatically awarded 5,000 points and jump to the Blue Level right away.

While you're at the Blue Level, we'll work alongside you, with gifts of discounted courses, free downloads, and other goodies, including a personal conversation with Dr. Anderson about whatever topic you like.

When you accumulate 20,000 points, you're at the Gold Level. Congratulations!

Get here by taking courses with us, sharing in the conversations on Facebook and Interplay blog, referring other professionals, and inviting us in to conduct a webinar or on-site training with your colleagues. 

Along the way, we'll work with you by providing you with free and discounted courses, files to share with your parents, and other nice things. 

Once you've arrived, we'll continue our conversation together, in a one-to-one career coaching session with Dr. Anderson, free passes to our events, and other gifts that will make a difference to your everyday practice and to your future success.

If you have to earn professional development hours, you might as well get rewarded for it!

Questions? See if we've answered them on our FAQ page.