Online Training

Training that is conducted all online is completely self-paced. This means you may begin whenever you like and move as quickly or as slowly as you please. You have up to a year to complete an online course. 

Online training works best when you are comfortable getting around in websites, when you can easily download a file and when you can attach a file from your own computer to an email message. Our online training includes activities you complete and then send to Dr. Anderson via email for her comments and suggestions. Try our free 1-hour test drive course Web Skills for Online Learners to see how easy and how enjoyable it is to take online courses from us.

If you have trouble downloading a course, just let us know. Dr. Anderson will personally work with you to resolve the problem. In addition, most of our online training includes an option to get information as audio or as paper files that you can then complete and mail back using the postal service. Paper files may work well for you if your Internet connection is unreliable. 

Online training is perfect for you if your time is limited, so that you need to work in small bits of time on your own schedule. It works well if you read and write in English easily.

Dr. Anderson makes certain that her online training isn't lonely. There's always a real person - Dr. Anderson herself - working along with you and cheering you on.