How To Take An Online Course
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If you've never taken a course online before, you might be wondering how this works. Here's what you need to know.

Each course is presented as an online video with slides and with Dr. Anderson explaining things.* This is very similar to what you would experience if you were in a classroom with Dr. A, taking the course "live."  Naturally, in a live classroom there are introductions, conversations, and distractions that aren't included as part of the video presentation. This means the video course is shorter than the same course experienced live.

Work at your own pace. Unlike in a live course, you can stop the video if something comes up, then return to it later. You can watch the video more than once. You can take the course whenever and wherever it's convenient for you. When you take a course online, you're in control. 

Each online course includes at least one activity you must complete if you want to earn professional development credit. Sometimes an activity asks you to reflect on a particular aspect of the course. Other times an activity might ask you to create a personal action plan, based on the course objectives. Occasionally, an activity might ask you to make an observation or other review. In every case, you submit your completed activity as an email or to a dedicated page on the course site. Your work is always confidential. Only Dr. A reads it. 

Dr. Anderson is always available to help. If you run into difficulties or need to adjust an activity to fit your needs or situation, just email Dr. A and she'll get back to you soon. It's important that each workshop is helpful to you, so adjustments that make a course more useful are almost always accepted. Best of all, you're not alone in our online courses. Dr. Anderson is your cheerleader and your guide every step of the way.

What you need to be successful:
  • You need a computer with reliable access to the Internet.
  • You need a working email address, so we can send you links to the course.
  • You need to read and write in English with a fair degree of confidence.

Take a test drive! See just how easy and satisfying it is to take an online course with us. This test drive earns one hour of professional development credit** and, best of all, it's free! Take the test drive by clicking below. Remember, this course is free.

What if online just isn't right for you? No worries! Dr. Anderson conducts frequent training in the Puget Sound area and conducts training many times a year at locations across the country. Upcoming training sessions are listed on the calendar. You can also suggest a training in a specific topic or in your own community. Just ask! 

The important thing is to get the training you need. Dr. Anderson wants to make it easy for you to do exactly that!

  *Child Care Basics and courses taken for college credit are presented as written content (not slides on video) and require reading of the materials.
**In Washington State, the credit earned is in the category "Professional Development & Learning."