15 Things Great Grownups Know

You're a great grownup! Help me create this book by sharing what you've experienced about topics presented in each of its 15 chapters. 

Become a contributor. You'll be able to
          • Edit each chapter as it comes out and make suggestions;
          • Add your own stories and experiences;
          • Be acknowledged in print as a contributing "Great Grownup";
          • Get each chapter as a pdf file ahead of publication;
          • Get a free copy of the finished book when it is published in spring 2016.
Help make this book a reality! 
              • Look over my shoulder as I write this book and get it ready for publication (if you ever plan to write a book yourself, this will be a tremendous learning experience). 
              • Have a hand in shaping the direction of each chapter.
              • Get the insights and information this book will deliver without having to wait for the entire book to be published.
Join the creation team* now for just $5 a month.

If you prefer, you can contribute to this book project with a single donation of any amount. I'll keep you posted on how the book is progressing. You won't be part of the creation team and you won't get chapter files as things go along, but you'll get a free copy of the finished book when it's finished. 

Thanks for supporting this work. You truly are a Great Grownup!

How This Works... Begin by subscribing to the 15 Things creation team. Each month (or so), I will post the theme of the next numbered "thing" to the book's teammates-only blog page and present some ideas of what might be included in the chapter about that "thing" as it will appear in the finished book. 

You'll be invited to add comments, and to share your personal and professional experiences about the topic.When I've got the chapter more-or-less cobbled together, I'll email it to you as a pdf file. You'll be invited to make corrections, additions and suggestions. 

At the end, after all 15 chapters of the book are written, you'll will receive a print copy of the book. Inside, you'll be recognized by name for your help. 

I'm looking forward to working with you on this project. It's going to be fun! Please join me!

Questions? Just ask!