A Symposium on the Sitwells
University of Birmingham & Barber Institute of Fine Arts, UK
29th & 30th September 2011
‘They were so utterly unlike anybody else, and held a position in the arts that no one aspires to today’ (Pearson, 1978). The leading personalities of London’s haut bohemia, Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell were ubiquitous in the review columns of the late 1910s and 1920s, and popularly identified with all that was modern in the arts. This research symposium provides the first dedicated forum for scholars engaged in new research examining and rethinking the role of the Sitwells, their writings, and their influence, to both debate and present their work to a broader public audience.
The symposium will include a poetry reading by Deborah Tyler-Bennett, and close with a performance of Façade by The Orchestra of St Paul's and William Sitwell.
 Speakers & Participants

Marsha Bryant (Florida)
Michael Cade-Stewart (London)
Jane Dowson (De Montfort)
Alex Goody (Oxford Brookes)
Richard Greene [tbc] (Toronto)
Faye Hammill (Strathclyde)
Alexandra Harris (Liverpool)
Aaron Jaffe [tbc] (Louisville)
Deborah Longworth (Birmingham)
Daniel Moore (Birmingham)
Gyllian Phillips (Nipissing)
Debora Van Durme [tbc] (Ghent)

Organizer: Deborah Longworth