Important Links

  1. Fuse compress [old] [new] [install old version]
  2. Sqlite compression [link] [sqlite lodable extension]
  1. Virtualenv [link]
  2. Virtualenv with mod_wsgi [link]
  3. For quick use [link]
  1. Apache Documentation [link]
  2. A short (well about 300 pages) reference [PDF]
  1. Hide my *** (Free web proxy) [link]
  1. Using tempfile and tempdir (A way of creating temporary files by python itself) [pydocs] [Quickstart]
  2. Twisted Docs [home] [link] [tutorial]
  3. Logging [cookbook] [link]
  4. Sending mail from Gmail [link]
  5. Sphinx - for document generation (takes a little time to learn) [link]
  6. Pydoctor - For API doc generation [link]
  7. Epytext - A markup language for python doc generation [link]
  8. Distributing Python Module [link] [PDF] [tutorial]
  9. Setup tools [Tutorial] [PEAK]
  10. Urllib2 Python doc [PDF]
  11. Tarfile directory structure [link]
  12. Daemonize [sourceforge] [recipe] [lone wolves] [pypi]
  13. MDP (Library used to do PCA) [link]
Python - Flask
  1. Python on the web (python + apache) [link]
  2. Flask openID [link]

Javascript Help

  1. Essential Javascript (Very helpful contains information on JSON and Ajax) [Link]
  2. HTML Goodies [Link]
Javascript Drawing Library
  1. Jit [link]
  2. Raphel [link] [playground] [brief tutorial] [Help] [paid tutorial]
  3. d3 [link]
  4. Dracula [link]
  5. NodeXL [link]
  6. Paper.js [link]
  7. Comparison between Raphael, paper.js and another library [link]

Web Design Help

  1. Kuler [link]
  2. Color Generator [link]
  3. CSS Drive [link]
  4. Dynamic Drive [link]
  5. Google suggest help [link]
  6. GIMP [Book] [link]
  7. Web design using GIMP [link1] [link2]
  8. Style shout [link]
Data Gathering
  1. Yahoo Finance API for data download [link]
  2. Google Data Download (using web queries like yahoo) [link]
  3. Yahoo finance [link]
  4. Fidality 30 day trial research account [link]
  5. Google Finance [link]
  6. CNN Money [link]
  7. World's market open close [link]
  8. Xignite : On demand Financial Data Market [link]
  9. Stockpicker (provides profiles for huge players like Warren Buffet) [link]
  10. Futures Data [link]
  11. Stock Community [link]
  12. Compare stock feed prices [link]
Resources about the Stock Market
  1. A game called Wall Street Survivor [link]
  2. Stock Market for dummies [link]
  3. [link]
  4. Fidality Research Videos [link]
  5. Stock Portfolio Optimization [link]
  6. Modern Portfolio Theory  [Wiki]