What are the problems faced by students?

  • I did my thesis for so long but my supervisor didn't say anything. After I submitted my draft they said everything is wrong.
  • My supervisor said my data analysis is wrong. I asked him what is the right one - he said he dont know!
  • Whenever I need my supervisor - he is not around.
  • My supervisor was changed. My new supervisor does not agree to the previous methodology. I have only another 2 months. What can I do?
  • If I disagree with my supervisor, they might fail me - so I dont argue.
  • My supervisor said "Don't ask me about statistics".
  • Last minute then they say I am wrong - where are they all these while?
What is thesisonline4u?

Most Masters and Doctorate students have an academic supervisor and an industrial supervisor. Think of thesisonline4u as a personal supervisor for your thesis. We help you with your learning curve and provide coaching to understand your thesis so that you can defend it with pride.

Is thesisonline4u free?

No it is not. Currently, help is given through the seminars. Please see the Seminars Planned for fees and payment methods. The seminars will give you walk-through examples of how to manage your research or thesis writing.
However, if you need any "life-saving" help (e.g. everyone else has given up on you) then Contact Us to help you.

Do you do proof reading?

Yes. There are many aspects of thesis writing  - most of which is university specific. Formatting the thesis itself can be a nightmare. Please discuss the extent of help needed e.g. outline numbering, 1 or 2 level figure labels, equations, bibliography, cross-reference, etc.

Where can I download thesisonline4u software?

thesisonline4u is not a downloadable software. An internet version is expected in June 2010. For now, thesisonline4u provides one-to-one help to students.

How can I introduce thesisonline4u to my colleague?

This is easy. Copy and paste this link http://sites.google.com/site/thesisonline4u in your email to your colleague. You can also go to our Google Group http://groups.google.com/group/thesisonline4u and invite other friends.