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Positive Learning from Negative Portrayals

    Stories that would otherwise be dismissed because of content might be worth using. This content may include drugs, alcohol, and other abuse. If a character in these stories suffers negative consequences, then the book could be desirable. By simply reading a book with drugs, students are not going to go out and try drugs. Showing the negative consequences of actions can result in positive learning.

    Students that have not learned the negative consequences of drugs, alcohol, and abuse might struggle when they are more independent. As the following quote from Children’s Literature, Briefly suggests, “A child who is protected from all controversial ideas…is as vulnerable as a child who is protected from every germ. The infection, when it comes, and it will come, may overwhelm the system, be that the immune system or the belief system.” (Tunnell & Jacobs,  2008, p 206).

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