TSCG will no longer be updating ... Since my PC died on me, I lost about everything on that PC, including comic pages that were ready to go.  So, I had to start all over again and by the way, my page buffers are down to zero.  TSCG won't be coming back from hiatus, but the rest of the comic series will.  I plan on getting out of hiatus in the Fall.  Hoping September will be the month to make a return from hiatus except for TSCG.

Why TSCG won't be updating?  TSCG seems be lacking time away from the NCIS Series and Sleepy Hollow and I got some new comics series on the way and to free up space on the weekly updates.


Chapter 14 will be released soon

I do got set of release dates for the chapters we've done ...

ACT I, Chapter 14~TBA
Volume 2 Story~TBA
Volume 2~TBA
ACT I, Chapter 15~TBA
ACT I, Chapter 16~TBA
ACT I, Chapter 17~TBA

Volume 1