If you are interested in getting and running model versions now, check out the page on Getting and running code.

For the sake of introduction and discussion, I have created an aggregation of GTAP, and a simple version of the CGE with four industries:
  • ALL: all non-government (or regular) sectors apart from dwellings and transport
  • DWE: rented and owned dwelling
  • TRA: land, air, and sea transport services for trade and travel
  • GOV: the government sector
and three regions:
  • USA
  • DEV: all other developed countries
  • ROW: rest of world
I break out dwelling in order to make a point in the Capital section.

All data is described in the Data section. The scripts that are used to generate the AMPL code are described in Building a model version. The three main pieces of the code are presented and described in the AMPL Code section.

The Government and Capital sections describe some key elements of a basic CGE model, and expound on some potential issues.