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Crystal Maier

PhD Candidate
Dryopoid Systematics; Myxophaga (Coleoptera)

On twitter: @ DryopoidDarling
I am interested in the evolution of wood-boring habits in elateriform beetles, and more specifically in the aquatic dryopoids, or riffle beetles (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea). My dissertation research focuses on an enigmatic dryopoid lineage known as the travertine beetles (Lutrochidae).  As with many of their close relatives, they live in lotic habitats, often in forested streams. The neotropical lutrochids spend their entire lives in waterlogged woody debris, while the larvae of the nearctic "travertine beetles" burrow in travertine deposits in karst streams. 

The Lutrochidae are unique among beetles in that they are one of the few lineages of beetles that have an aquatic wood-boring life history. Therefore, this small and unusual group of beetles has potential to provide insights into the evolution of Byrrhoidea and the evolution of wood-boring habits in Elateriformia. I am using morphology, ecological data, and molecular data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of the Lutrochidae. 

Additionally, as a basis for this work, I am currently conducting a completely digitized taxonomic revision of the family. This will result in an electronic key, a georeferenced database of all known specimens of Lutrochidae in CReaC , and images of all types and important specimens. 


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