1. Description

     The idea of this project is to choose some characters or genius that travel (virtually) to the countries and cities of the partners’ schools. We are going to tell the experiences of our trips in a website, like a ship’s logbook.

We are going to make a real figure or toy and send it to the schools of the countries we are going to visit.  

We are going to learn about:

-           The life of the genie and his/her main contribution to the culture of the country and worldwide

-           The most important places in the country or the region.

-           Gastronomy.

-           Events

2. Language of communication


3. Age

From 3 to 12 years old.

4. Pupils

More than 100

5. Subjects

- Art

- Primary subjects

- History


- Foreign languages

6. Tools

- audioconference

- Videoconference

- chats

- Project diary

- Forum

- Email

- Other software (power point, video, photo, drawings...)

- Twin space

- MP3

- Web publication (Google sites)

7. Objectives

    1. To develop  attitudes, behaviors, values, knowledge and skills needed to live in a multicultural and globalized world.

    2. To promote intercultural dialogue

    3. To promote in students an attitude of respect towards other peoples and other countries, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices

    4. To improve the teaching and learning of the English language.

    5. To increase the use of the technologies of information and communication.

    6. To improve the relationships and the knowledge among schools in Europe.

    7. To know about important characters or genius in Europe.

    8. To know important and relevant features of some European countries.

    9. To expand the knowledge and experience of all pupils participating in the project, including those with special needs

    10. To increase the motivation and to enhance the quality of learning for all participants.

8. Proces work


  1. Choose a significant genius in your country.
  2. Design the figures of your genius with foamy .  Follow the steps to design it with foamy. Look at the example. 
  3. Send your genius to a foreing partner school and write a letter. 
  4. The letter will announce the arrival of the genius. The letter should consist of a presentation made with drawings and other works by pupils of the sender school.


  1. The school that recieve the visit of the genius has the task of finding information related to this genius and represent the whole by pictures, etc..  
  2. After the hospitality,  accompany it to visit some beautiful places  in your country and show him/her some typical dishes of the place  where you live. 
  3. Documents and tells the phase of the travel in the twinspace and in the loogbook.
  4. Then, organize some games to test your knowledge and those of your European friends.

9. Final work

The final work is the blog or site: The Genius' Log. 

The sections of the blog might be for example:

-           Ship’s logbook of ________________ (the genie from Spain)

-           Ship’s logbook of_________________ (the genie from Italy)

-           Etc… all the ship's logbook of all the genius must be written by all the schools that participate in our project.

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