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Self defense isn't just for women

posted Nov 22, 2010, 12:23 PM by Shifu Careaga   [ updated Feb 1, 2011, 6:37 PM ]

“I would recommend the 10 week NAILS self defense class to everyone. It covers virtually every self defense situation you can imagine as well as some scenarios you may not have thought of. The different types of 'awareness' are covered from the very beginning with various weapons situations being presented. With every week and every lesson I felt more empowered with my personal ability to defend myself. "

"Shifu Careaga is an amazing instructor with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Not only does he make you feel comfortable but he also challenges you to the necessary degree. This class is not just for women. I would recommend it to everyone that is interested in guarding their safety.”

-Georgia Good

Expect the Unexpected

posted Nov 22, 2010, 12:21 PM by Shifu Careaga

“Before taking NAILS, I did not even think about the 'what ifs...' After taking this 10-week self-defense NAILS class with Sifu Careaga I feel better prepared to protect myself in different unforeseen situations, such as being attacked with a knife, tied up with a rope and even attacked with a gun. ”

“I am glad I took this NAILS 10-week course with Shifu Careaga because it has empowered me to protect myself, to be strong, and most important, to always be aware of my surroundings. I feel better prepared for the unexpected. Thank you Shifu!”

-Guadalupe Martin

A good teacher must lead by example.

posted Jul 15, 2010, 9:52 AM by Shifu Careaga

Shifu Careaga is a loving husband, devoted father, faithful friend, serious student of ancient chinese medicine, and a teacher both by nature and by choice. Having started in Shaolin at the age of 10, I have had the privilege of attending no fewer than 7 different schools under numerous instructors. Additionally, I spent 4 years in undergraduate studies and 3 years practicing the art of teaching before pursuing Oriental Medicine as a lifetime endeavor. 
Given this experience, I know what makes a good teacher. A teacher must always be prepared with the lesson of the day, yet ready to change that lesson in an instant to suit the needs of the student. A teacher must have a thorough understanding of the material they intend to present; hold high expectations of his or her students in regards to respect, open-mindedness, and performance. 
He must be devoted to his art, open to questions and to dialogue, aware of obstacles to learning and willing to help each student face the obstacles in his or her way. A good teacher must lead by example.
Angel is a great teacher. Time with him is well-spent.

Arwen Careaga, 1st Degree Black Belt

Own Your Space

posted Jun 29, 2010, 8:30 AM by Shifu Careaga

"When I first came to Angel Careaga for lessons in Shaolin-Do I already had a general consciousness of my surroundings and the people who filled it. Being highly sensitive in my emotions gave me that understanding and made it a blessing, but my sensitivity sometimes became a handicap with my self-confidence. 
Before I participated in lessons there were many personal obstacles that had weakened how I viewed myself. Shifu Careaga’s knowledge of the martial arts that he teaches and his strong sense of the true nature of his students aided me in my personal quest to gain back my voice to speak my mind and to further heighten my awareness of the world around me. 
The biggest lesson that I learned from Shifu Careaga outside of the physical part of Shaolin-Do was to “own my space.” To combine the awareness of the outside environment and hold my ground in both my surroundings and inner self. 
The lessons that I have had so far have helped to promote my intuitive gift of sensitivity, and support me in increasing my self confidence. Shifu Angel Careaga’s natural gift as a mentor which allows students to achieve their personal best at that given time makes him a wonderful guide in any art that he teaches. "
 -Mika Misite

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