Who's Who in The Shadow in the Gallery

The tale of The Shadow in the Gallery takes place during a Christmas exhibition at the Smith Institute, where many guests from around the local area have been invited to witness the unveiling of a mysterious new exhibitSome of the most famous faces from the town of Stirling are in attendance on that fateful evening... but are all of them exactly who they appear to be?  Let's take a look at the dramatis personae of the novel:

Alexander Croall
The Smith Institute's curator, Croall is an eminent botanist and natural scientist with a fascination and respect for all academic disciplines.  But is even he prepared for the dramatic consequences when one of the Smith's prize exhibits mysteriously disappears?

Jimmy McLafferty
The museum assistant, responsible for public relations, McLafferty is the first point of contact for guests visiting the Institute.  He is an affable and knowledgeable member of staff who has a key part to play in the recovery of the stolen artefact.

Provost George Christie
Stirling's long-serving Provost, George Christie is a towering figure in the politics of the Burgh.  He played a key role in establishing the Smith Institute in Stirling, and has been one of its most vocal supporters.  However, will his authority be enough to unravel the mystery of the missing exhibit?

Reverend Sebastian Chappelton
A Church of England clergyman currently on sabbatical from his parish in Yorkshire, Chappelton is a newcomer to Stirling and is keen to learn more about the ancient Burgh.  This guest's observations may prove vital in unravelling the evening's ostentatious crime.

ndrew Fleming Hutchison
The rector of Stirling High School, Andrew Hutchison is a brilliant intellect with a reputation throughout the area for scholarly excellence.  His legendary analytical skills will be highly sought after during the course of this perplexing chain of events.

Leonard Baker
An art master at the High School, Baker is a regular visitor at the Smith, having arranged an exhibition there in collaboration with Alexander Croall.  He has come to know the building well... but will his familiarity with the Institute make him a suspect?

Christian MacLagan
A scholar of widespread repute, MacLagan is a trailblazing intellectual.  A prominent antiquary and Scotland's first female archaeologist, her writings have been influential and diverse.  But how far can her scholarly accomplishments aid her in the search for the culprit?

Dr Ernst Schottler
Schottler is a German academic who specialises in veterinary science.  He is a guest at the Smith Institute during a visit from Heidelberg, using his knowledge of animal anatomy to teach nature artists how to perfect their craft.  His outsider's eye on events could be crucial.

Joseph Denovan Adam
A talented nature painter who runs the Craigmill Studio near Stirling, Adam is an artist of both wit and style.  A friend of the Smith Institute, he is a popular figure in the Burgh.  Will he spot who is acting out of character that evening?

Margaret Croall
Daughter of the Smith Institute's curator, Margaret has an accomplished range of social skills which may be important in unmasking the culprit behind the stolen artefact.  On this evening, host must turn sleuth if the mystery is to be solved.

Annie Croall
Another daughter of Alexander Croall, the fiesty, independent-minded Annie is a passionate advocate for the rights of children.  Her free-thinking attitudes have not always proven popular in Victorian Britain, however.  Will this fact influence the views of the other guests when suspicions are being raised about the crime?

Major Angus Campbell
An officer with the 93rd Highland Regiment, Campbell is present at the Institute to show his commanding Colonel's support for community events.  Yet he also appears to have an alternative assignment - one which is a classified and closely-guarded secret.

David Buchan Morris
Alexander Croall's protege, young Master Buchan Morris is a volunteer museum assistant at the Institute.  Despite his young age, his fervour for the Smith has marked him out as someone with a bright future in the Burgh of Stirling.  No-one is more determined than David to solve the theft that lies at the heart of the evening's mysterious developments.