The Ombudsman can be said to be the 4th pillar of Government. His role is to investigate and act upon complaints he receives from the public vis a vis the conduct of the executive and public authorities in the carrying out of its roles. The President, Vice-President, Minister or a Member of the National Assembly may also request that the Ombudsman carry out such an investigation. The Ombudsman is can be said to be the Internal Auditor of the Government, his role is to ensure that the Government is functioning competently and in line with due process. In countries with an independent and strong Ombudsman, corruption is generally very low.

The Ombudsman is in charge of the investigation of fault in the actions of a public authority or the executive, or where a complainant has been treated harshly or oppressively by the executive. He may also investigate allegations of fraud or corruption against how persons in public authorities exercise their functions. He may also investigate matters where an individual's fundamental rights and freedoms under the Constitution has been violated (click here for the list of fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Seychelles Constitution).

After the Ombudsman conducts his investigations, he must file a report to the executive with recommendations, as the case may be. Where the Ombudsman is dissatisfied with the manner in which the executive acts upon his report, he may forward the report to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

The Ombudsman may assist individual complainants vis a vis legal proceedings where an individuals fundamental rights and freedoms have been abrogated by the executive or public authorities. With leave of the court he may enter similar proceedings. The Ombudsman also has the role of initiating legal proceedings relating to the constitutionality of a law or provisions of a law.

The Ombudsman is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority.

The incumbent Ombudsman (with education background) is Ms Dora Zatte - LLB (East Anglia), Barrister (Middle Temple)

The Contact Details of the Ombudsman:

The Ombudsman
Room 306, Aarti Chambers
Mont Fleuri

Tel: +248 225147
Fax: +248 225737

Page last updated on 31st July 2010.