State Counsel

The Attorney General's Chambers comprises of State Counsel and Public Prosecutors. The State Counsel are fully qualified lawyers and have full rights of audience before all the courts of Seychelles. They conduct all types of work on behalf of the Government of Seychelles. There are also Assistant State Counsel, they possess qualifying law degrees but are yet to complete the bar (hence unlike State Counsel, their time at the Attorney General's Office whilst Assistant State Counsel do not count for pupillage).

List of State Counsel of the Attorney General's Chambers in order of seniority (in terms of the date of admission as a State Counsel rather than job title/rank) (with educational background)
Attorney General:
Mr Ronny Govinden - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
State Counsel:
Mr David Esparon - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
Ms Alexandra Madeleine - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
Mr Chinnasamy Jayaraj - LLM (Madras), MPhil (Jawaharlal Nehru)
Mr Hemanth Kumar - LLB (India), LLM (Scotland)
Mr Vipin Benjamin - n/a
Mr Ananth Subramanian - n/a
Mr Michael Mulkerrins - n/a
Mr Barry Galvin - n/a
Mr Khalyaan Karunakaran - BA LLB (NALSAR)
Mr Charles Brown - n/a
Mrs Lansinglu Rongmei - n/a
Mr George Robert - LLB, GDL (Queensland University of Technology), Solicitor (Queensland)
Ms Brigitte Confait - LLB (Mauritius), Seychelles Bar
Mr George Tachet - n/a

Legal Draftsmen:
Ms Lali Wimalaratne
Ms Rukaiya Jumaye
Assistant State Counsel:
Mrs Carmen Cesar - LLB (UK)
Ms  Emily Gonthier - BA (Mauritius)

List accurate as of 16th February 2013.