Pupils and Articled Clerks

Before someone can qualify as an Attorney-at-Law, they will have to undergo a 2-year pupillage at an approved chambers. An approved chambers is one headed by an Attorney-at-Law of at least 5 years standing. The Attorney General's Chambers is also an approved chamber. To qualify as a Pupil, one must also have passed approved Bar Examinations.

Another way to become an attorney is through clerkship. Articled Clerks must spend 6 years at an approved chambers and pass the Seychelles Bar Exams to qualify as a Pupil. To qualify as an Articled Clerk, one must pass Seychelles entrance exams.

List of Pupils and Articled Clerks (with educational background):
1. Ms Natasha Alton - LLB (Reading), Barrister (Gray's Inn) [Pupil of Frank Ally]
2. Ms Zara Pardiwalla - LLB (Southampton), Barrister (Gray's Inn) [Pupil of Pardiwalla Twomey Lablache]
3. Ms Anthea Antao - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar [Pupil of Alexia Amesbury]
List as of 26th February 2013. Please report any errors or omissions to the editor, if any.