A lawyer in Seychelles is  referred to as Attorney-at-Law. The attorneys carry out almost all of the legal work in the country except for criminal prosecutions and representing the Government of Seychelles in court, which is the ambit of the Attorney General's Chambers. Most attorneys practice in partnerships or as sole practitioners. For a list of law firms, click here.
Below is the list of all the practising Attorneys-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Seychelles and their educational background. The list is in order of seniority i.e. the order that an attorney was admitted to the Supreme Court of Seychelles as an attorney. All attorneys have full rights of audience before all of the courts and tribunals of Seychelles.

1. Mr Ramnikal Valabhji, SC - Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
2. Mr Pesi Pardiwalla, SC - Barrister (Middle Temple)
3. Mr Kieran Shah, SC - Barrister (Middle Temple)
4. Mr Francis Chang-Sam, SC - LLB (LSE), Barrister (Gray's Inn)
5. Mr Philippe Boulle, SC - LLB (London), Barrister (Inner Temple)
6. Mr Bernard Georges - MA (Cambridge), Barrister (Gray's Inn), LLM (Cardiff)
7. Mr John Renaud - LLB (London), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
8. Mr Serge Rouillon - LLB (UK), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
9. Mrs Nichole Tirant-Gherardi - LLB (Liverpool), Barrister (UK)
10. Mrs Annette Georges - LLB (UK), Barrister (UK)
11. Mr Anthony Juliette - LLB (Kingston), Barrister (UK)
12. Mr Danny Lucas - LLB (Kent), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
13. Mr France Bonte - LLB (Buckingham), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
14. Mr Anthony Derjacques - LLB (East London), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
15. Mr Charles Lucas - LLB (UK), Seychelles Bar
16. Mr Gerard Maurel - Seychelles Bar
17. Mr Conrad Lablache - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
18. Mr Frank Elizabeth - LLB (North London), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
19. Mrs Alexia Amesbury (aka Antao) - LLB (East London), Barrister (Inner Temple)
20. Ms Lucie Pool - LLB (Buckingham), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
21. Mr Frank Ally - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
22. Ms Karen Domingue - LLB (Mauritius) Mauritian Bar, DESU
23. Mr Melchior Vidot - LLB (Buckingham), Barrister (Middle Temple)
24. Mrs Laura Alcindor Valabhji - LLB (UK), LPC (UK)
25. Mr Sammy Freminot - LLB (Buckingham), Barrister (Gray's Inn)
26. Mr Somasundaram Rajasundaram - LLB (Madras Law College)
27. Mr Wilby Lucas - LLB (East London), Barrister (Middle Temple)
28. Mr William Herminie - LLB (East London), Barrister (Middle Temple)
29. Mr Daniel Belle - (France)
30. Ms Priscille Chetty - LLB (Anglia), Barrister (Inner Temple)
31. Mr Basil Hoareau - LLB (Liverpool), Barrister (Inner Temple)
32. Mr Guy Ferley - LLB (East London)
33. Mr Joel Camille - LLB (Liverpool), Barrister (Middle Temple)
34. Mr Elvis Chetty - LLB (Southampton), Barrister (Inner Temple)
35. Mr Divino Sabino - BA (Warwick), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn)
36. Mr Jude Bonte - BSc (Manchester), GDL (UK), LPC (Staffordshire)
37. Mr Clifford Andre - LLB (East London), Barrister (Lincoln's Inn), LLM (Malta), MSc (Malmo)
38. Mr Rene Durup - LLB (Wolverhampton), Seychelles Bar
39. Mr Daniel Cesare - LLB (UK), LPC (Leeds Metropolitan)
40. Miss Teresa Micock - LLB (Sussex), Barrister (Gray's Inn)
41. Ms Farzana Jumaye - LLB (Staffordshire), LPC (Staffordshire), LLM (London)
42. Mr Nichol Gabriel - (Grenoble), Seychelles Bar
43. Ms Ellen Carolus - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
44. Mrs Samantha Aglae - LLB (Mauritius), Seychelles Bar
45. Mrs Sheena Schmidt - LLB (Buckingham), Barrister (Middle Temple), LLM (Westminster)
46. Mr Brian Julie - BA (UK), MSc (UK), Seychelles Bar
47. Mr Jean-Marc Lablache - LLB (Mauritius), Seychelles Bar
48. Mr Leslie Boniface - BA (UK), GDL (UK), LPC (Central Lancashire)
This is the full public list of practicing Attorneys-at-Law as of the 26th February 2013. The educational background of the Attorneys-at-Law have come from either the Attorneys themselves or from media reports. The Editor(s) of this website assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation or the quality of services provided by the above named persons.

As of the above mentioned date, this list is complete to the best of the Editor's knowledge. However, given the possibility that certain persons appear to have been appointed in secret, if you deal with any person claiming to be an attorney/lawyer of Seychelles who is not on this list it would be best that you seek confirmation of their status from the Judiciary and/or the Bar Association of Seychelles.