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The Supreme Court of Seychelles

The Supreme Court of Seychelles is the highest trial court in the country. It hears the more complex and high-value civil claims and the more serious criminal cases. It also tries admiralty matters and divorces. The Supreme Court also has supervisory jurisdiction of all the lower courts and tribunals and is usually the appelate court for all the lower courts and tribunals. The Supreme Court is not the highest court of the land and litigants may appeal from the Supreme Court to the Seychelles Court of Appeal.
The head of the Supreme Court is the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice has the power to create secondary legislation for the effective running of the Seychelles Legal Environment. The Supreme Court is located in Victoria, near to the Clocktower.
To be able to qualify as a Judge of the Supreme Court, one must have been admitted to practice before all the courts of Seychelles for at least 7 years and under the age of 70 years old (the retirement age for all Judges and Justices, as stated in the Constitution). Case law developments has defined practising for 7 years as being involved in the legal environment in some way in a commonwealth country for an aggregate period 7 years.
The administrative head of the Supreme Court is the Registrar of the Supreme Court whose offices are located in the Supreme Court premises. The Supreme Court may be contacted by telephone on (+248) 4285858 or by email through the Registrar.
Below is a list of the Judicial Officers of the Supreme Court, with educational background:

Chief Justice
Mr Fredrick Egonda-Ntende - LLB (Makerere), LLM (Strathclyde)
Puisne Judges
Mr Durai Karunakaran - BSc, BGL, LLB (Madras), MA (Venkateswara), Advocate (India)
Mr Bernadin Renaud - Seychelles Bar
Mr Duncan Gaswaga - LLB (Dar-es-Salaam)
Mr Mohan Burhan - LLM (University of Wales)
Mr Gustave Dodin - LLB (Kingston), LLM (Malta), Seychelles Bar

Mr Jude Bonte - BSc (UK), GDL, LPC (Staffordshire)

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