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The Seychelles Court of Appeal

The Seychelles Court of Appeal is the final court of appeal. The court premises are located at the ex-National Library along State House Avenue. The Court of Appeal generally has 3 sessions (usually in April, August and December) a year wherein it hears appeals and applications. Each session lasts two weeks. Usually, the court will pass judgment on all matters heard before it on the last day of a session.
The head of the Court of Appeal is the President and he sits with 2 other Justices of Appeal when hearing cases. Each of the 3 Justices are allowed to deliver their own judgments in each case they hear, however, it is common practice within the court to have just one judgment from one of the 3 sitting justices and for the other two justices to concur. However, this is not always the case and a dissenting judgment does crop up from time to time.

All the judges of this court must be professionally qualified lawyers. Unlike in the Supreme Court, there is no restriction on the amount of time one must have practised to be able to qualify as a justice of appeal. This might seem odd. But it is often the case that a judge is required to fill a vacancy and there is no one else within the Seychelles legal community who is desirable to the Constitutional Appointments Authority to sit in the Court of Appeal.
The Seychelles Court of Appeal's justices are (with educational background):
President of the Court of Appeal:
Mr Francis MacGregor - Barrister (Middle Temple)
Justices of Appeal:
Dr Satyabhoosun Gupt Domah - LLB (King's College), LLM (UCL), phD (Aix-Marseille), (University Libre de Bruxelles)
Mr Anthony Fernando - LLB (Colombo), Advocate (Sri Lanka)
Mrs Mathilda Twomey - LLB (Kent), Barrister (UK)
Mr January Msoffe - LLB (Dar-es-Salaam)
List accurate as of 2nd September 2012.