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The Magistrates Courts

The Magistrates' Courts of Seychelles falls under the administration of the Supreme Court. Presently there are 6 Magistrates and 7 Magistrates' Courts. 6 such courts are located in Victoria (referred to as the "A", "B", "C", "D", "E" & "F" Courts) and 1 in Praslin. The Magistrates' Courts deal with lower value civil claims and less serious criminal cases.
Senior Magistrates have the power to sentence a convict to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. The other Magistrates can dish out sentences of up to 7 years maximum. Furthermore, the Senior Magistrate may entertain civil claims up to SR 350,000 in value, the limit for Magistrates is SR 250,000.
In general, Magistrates are fully qualified lawyers. This is unlike the UK where Magistrates are lay persons.
List of Magistrates (and educational background):
Senior Magistrate:
Mrs Samia Govinden - LLB (Mauritius), Mauritian Bar
Ms Asha Ramano-Egan - n/a
Mrs Laura Pillay-Zelia - LLB (East Anglia), LPC (College of Law)
Mr Brassel Adeline - LLB (East London), LPC (Northumbria)
Mr Kishnan Labonte - LLB (London), Seychelles Bar
Ms N'Ghwani - n/a
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