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Appointment of Justices and Judges

The Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles provides for the appointment of the Judges of the Supreme Court and the Justices of Appeal of the Court of Appeal.
The Constitution provides for a Constitutional Appointments Authority ('CAA'). This comprises of 3 members. One appointed by the President, another by the Leader of Opposition and the third member is chosen by the two appointees. Failure of the two appointees to nominate a third member allows the President to appoint the third member. The incumbent Chairman of the CAA is Mr Jeremy Bonnelame. Its two other members are Mrs Marlene Lionnet and Mr Patrick Berlouis. The contact details of the CAA:

The Chairman
Constitutional Appointments Authority
La Ciotat Building
Mont Fleuri
P.O. Box 1087

Tel: +248 322504
Fax: +248 323112
It is this CAA that recommends Judges and Justices to the President of the Republic for appointment. Subject to constraints on qualification as a Judge. See the page on the Supreme Court for a brief on these constraints. The CAA also recommends candidates for appointment into other public offices, such as the Attorney General and the Ombudsman.
The Constitution does not provide for mechanisms appointing Magistrates and the members of the various tribunals of fact and law. Magistrates are appointed by the Chief Justice in consultation with the President of the Republic.

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