The Judiciary

The highest court of law in Seychelles is the Court of Appeal, situated in the old National Library Building in Victoria. The presiding judge therein is called the President of the Court of Appeal. The other judges are refered to as Justices of Appeal. This is the final appellate court in the Seychelles.
Next in hierachy is the Supreme Court of Seychelles. This is headed by the Chief Justice. The other judges are referred to as Puisne Judges. The Supreme Court is the trial court for complex and 'high-value' civil matters and tries serious criminal offences. It is also has appellate jurisdiction. It is the appeal court for all the lower courts and tribunals. The Supreme Court is situated in Victoria. When the Constitutional Court is in session, 3 of the Puisne Judges or the Chief Justice and 2 Puisne Judges preside over the court, which  normally sits  in court room no. 1 of the Supreme Court of Seychelles.
The Magistrates Courts of Seychelles are next in line in the court hierachy. They handle less serious criminal offences and lower value civil claims. Unlike in England, where lay persons can become Magistrates, the Magistrates of Seychelles are generally fully qualified lawyers.

The administrative head of the above 3 courts is the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
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