Bar Association of Seychelles

The Bar Association of Seychelles ("BAS") is a voluntary association whose aim is to further the interests of its members. Attorneys-at-Law and Notaries are eligible for membership. Persons holding law degrees or persons who have commenced a law degree program are eligible to join the BAS as associate members. Honourary membership may be bestowed upon anyone by a majority vote during a general meeting.

Over the years the BAS has also assumed the unofficial role of the defender of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles and the local media often seeks the views of the BAS on constitutional law matters. The local media and several organizations also often contact the BAS as the first port of call on general legal issues or queries. The BAS does not have a role of policing or taking disciplinary action against attorneys. Any complaints against attorneys should be levied towards the Chief Justice.
The BAS also bestows the title of Senior Counsel (SC) to the country's most distinguished attorneys, it is Seychelles' equivalent to the UK's Queen's Counsel (QC).
The incumbent Management Committee of the BAS, duly elected in 2010, are as follows:
Chairman: Mr Antony Derjacques
Secretary: Mr Divino Sabino
Treasurer: Miss Teresa Micock
Executive Committee Members: Mr Frank Ally & Mr Elvis Chetty.
The website of the BAS may be viewed at

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